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Photography is a fantastic pastime, we use our creative skills and our technical skills, we learn to concentrate, it takes us out into the world and draws us in to take a closer look at nature, sometimes up close and personal with a macro lens. We meet new friends and reacquaint with others.

Monday was a case of "all of the above (bar the macro lens)". A friend, that I had lost contact with, from a few years ago re-appeared on Facebook, and arranged to bring their black lab for a hayloft session. We had a great time and it was lovely to get reaquainted. At the end of the shoot, they booked in for a photography lesson.

We arranged a refresher workshop for both of them, although it was Kath that had really fallen out of love with her camera and photography.

After a quick run through of the exposure triangle and it's elements, just to get the brain firing, we worked through the camera, functions and settings. The garden is as good a place as any to start and the beautiful yellow rose made a great subject.

Having chatted through with Kath and learning what she enjoys shooting, we headed down the path to have a look, with the view to shooting some landscapes, but a treat awaited, the local farmer was bringing some of the sheep in. Perfect lesson for thinking on your feet and changing your settings without rushing and missing the shot. Then back to the barn, because it would have been wrong not to have a least one dog shot !!!.

The end result - a passion re-ignited. I can't wait to see where Kath takes her photography and the amazing images that I know she is going to create.

All of our lessons, workshops or mentoring programmes are designed around you, the photographer, what you do and don't enjoy, what you do and don't need to brush up on, and what you do want to learn. Uniquely tailored for you to make the most of the day.

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