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With the onset of digital photography it seems that we forget the joy that is to be found in leafing through a photo album, especially ones that we "stuck together" to remember a special wedding, or a big birthday or a retirement.

We have always offered photobooks for shoot days, weddings, or just as a nice way of pulling a collection of images together as a present and are always looking to expand and improve the range,so when the opportunity to trial Saal Digital layflat photobook arose, we grabbed it with both hands.

Having spent most of the season out on various Moors around Yorkshire capturing the shooting season it seemed a perfect way to present a collection of images.


Saal Digital 28cm x 19cm Hard Cover 40 Page Layflat Photobook with Presentation Box.

After downloading the software to the IMac, I set about designing the book. Having used several other book design software packages I found it fairly easy to use, although if you opt to select templates as opposed to designing your own layouts it can be a little tedious.

After having designed the book, the upload process was easy and I waited for it's arrival.

Having read a few reviews and noting the comments regarding speedy delivery I was delighted when, after ordering on a Sunday afternoon, the book arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

A lovely large grey presentation box, with plenty of padding, cased a gloss fronted photobook.


The box gives a WOW factor of that there is no doubt, the gloss cover also adds impact. My instant reaction was that the book itself felt quite "small" - I normally order A4 landscape and this is a degree smaller, having checked there is a larger option available and in future I would probably opt for this.

The layflat spine is fantastic. As much of my Grouse Moor work takes in large vistas I was interested to see how the landscapes would cope on a double spread, and how the 3/4 to 1/4 double spread splits would look. I was not disappointed. Either presented on a stand or laid flat on a coffee table the book really does do the double page spread justice.

Not only am I capturing the colours and tones of the surrounding landscape but also of the dogs and handlers working the moors.

The print quality is exceptional. I opted for a gloss front cover and matte inner pages. All are printed on genuine photopaper and provide an extremely high quality finish.

The colours and tones held up well, my only observation that they were maybe a little heavy on the contrast. Heavy blacks which next time I would adjust for.


My only reservation was the wording on the spine, which I failed to turn round the other way and for me doesn't quite sit right, but I am sure there is a simple solution and the small barcode on the back, which although I searched high and low for an option to remove (and which I believe is there) couldn't find. The box, although of nice quality for the amount it adds to the overall cost I feel I probably wouldn't order - there are many other ways to present a book such as this.

A high quality beautiful photobook that I will most definitely be adding to our list of products.

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