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For a long time now we have been shooting the very popular "on black" during studio sessions.

It's become a bit of a tradition, and all dogs look stunning under studio lights on black.

For example, Bertie, a beautiful red working cocker, nailed the "straight to camera pose" when he paid us a visit.

But recently we have started to mix it up a little .... instead of "on black" we are shooting "on white" as well, these images convert brilliantly to Black on White and give a really different feel.

Originally I was slightly worried that it would only work with black dogs or black and white dogs, so I took a few of our own into the studio to have a go.

I love this one of Lou, our young Liver Cocker Spaniel - a really cheeky little monkey, this captures her personality perfectly.

To see more of the "Black on White" images visit the gallery

To book any of our sessions, give Caroline a call on 07798 883142 or check out our Photoshoots section on the website.

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