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As a dog photographer you are always on the look out for those characters that you just "have to photograph" .

I have even been known to stop people out on a dog walk and ask them to come to the barn for an hour ( and funnily enough they do !!).

So when Briar popped up on the Facebook timeline of a lovely young lady, that had previously been for a photography lesson, I sent her a message and asked her if she would like to bring Briar to the Hayloft.

We organised a time and date and Rebecca duly arrived with the lovely and Briar AND to my absolute delight Rebel.

Briar decided from the moment we stepped into the barn that she wasn't going to have her photograph taken, that there were far too many interesting smells and basically "photographer lady, you are gonna have to work for it !!", well I'm kind of used to that but to be fair, she did make me work hard.

Rebel on the other hand was grace and stature personified. He posed with a style that made us both laugh, as though he was, To The Manor Born.

So if you live with a "different" kind of four legged character that you think would just "LOVE" to come and have a photography shoot in our barn, then drop a comment below, drop me an email with a little bit about 'WHO AND WHY" and who knows you may be in with a chance of one of our Monthly Golden Tickets !!!

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