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Communication, a lost Art !

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was no Facebook (gasp in horror), mobile phones were owned by few (and were the size of bricks - although we seem to be heading back there again) - days were spent in a constructive manner, reading, gardening, dog training, taking photographs, working, whatever floated your boat and if we wanted to communicate we picked up the phone or sent a letter.

Then everything changed. I can't remember the last time I sat down and wrote a letter. If you send cards via Moonpig you don't even need to write those. And why spend an hour on the phone talking when a two line text says it all....... or does it !!!!

There are some out there that still "call to say I love you", I know my Mum does and I know she hates her mobile phone and all that texting and data allowances entail but most will just say it with emoji's and be done.

But how does this affect our business ?

When I first started work as an insurance clerk, way back when, we spoke to customers, to underwriters, to salespeople and to our bosses. Either in person or on the phone. There was no other way. The subtleties of mis-understood texts were avoided and you were sure that people had "got the message" - literally.

Networking is trendy - how do I know - I see it on Facebook !

Do I network ? - hmmmm, if that means getting together with some friends and having a gossip then yes - if that means reaching out to other small businesses and taking the time to get to know them and finding ways to work together, then up until last year - No !.

Do I pick up the phone and network ? - Sorry can you ask the question again.

But the first few months of 2018 have opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities - and after a fantastic, albeit long (we both talk a lot) phone conversation with the fabulous Linda Johnstone from Linda Johnstone Dog Photography - yes not only another photographer but another dog photographer - it has to be the way forward.

So much shared energy, so much love for what we both do, so much passion to help others progress - it was a conversation that could never have been a text - there aren't enough emoji's for starters.

A friendship and an alliance formed by communicating ...

Remember how to have a real conversation, or how to write a real letter, instead of abbrv. text slang. Put aside the excuse "I don't have time" - time is the one thing we decide how to spend... spend it wisely.


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