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How does a session work ?

  • I have booked a session, what happens now ?"
    Fantastic, you have booked a session with us !!!. You will receive an email confirmation of the date and very soon Caroline will be in contact to discuss your session with you. It's a chance to find out how many dogs you are bringing, what breed, what age, what colour and if there is anything "special" we need to know. We will also discuss what type of pictures you are hoping for. Once your images are ready to view, which is normally a couple of weeks, we will contact you to discuss whether you would like to view the gallery here at The Cottage or if you would like us to come to you. If neither are practical then we can arrange for the gallery to be viewed online.
  • Where are you based ?
    We are based just north of Sheffield (Junc 35a on M1 from South, J39 from the North), and close to both Holmfirth and Penistone. Full address details and instructions on how to find us will be sent to you before your session.
  • What do I need to bring ?
    You need to bring You and your Dog .. !!! But please also bring some waterproof clothing, in case we take a spin on the moors. It can be a few degrees cooler up there and the wind is often quite strong. "Off Road" shoes/boots are also a good idea. Before you attend the session consider that you may want to have some pictures taken with your dogs, it's not a must, but does make a really nice addition to the gallery. Bring your dogs favourite toy or training aid, some high value treats, a lead and leave the rest to us.
  • What happens if my dog won't sit still.
    We meet all kinds of dogs, so please don't worry about whether your dog is going to sit still. We make sure that we take time before the shoot starts to let your dog/s have a wander round, a bit of fuss and relax a little. Just like us humans, some dogs are more than happy to sit up and pose for the camera and others would just rather not ... but it's ok, we want the dogs happy and relaxed and if it means waiting then thats what we will do. Remember, you are bringing your dog to a new and strange environment to meet new people and then to be asked to "Sit Stay.. there's a good boy" ... it's a really big ask, if you relax and enjoy the session, your dog will relax and enjoy the session to.
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