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Whats in the Box

One of the best things about being a photographer is these ....

The White Boxes.

These white boxes are full of beautiful frames and acrylics that are ready to hang on the wall.

A few weeks ago, Stinky and Scuffy came to the Hayloft for a session. We had an amazing time and managed to capture a whole gallery full of characterful images.

So what was in the box ?

At the gallery viewing, Claire, their owner, and I sat and talked about which were her "must have" pictures and where and how she wanted them displayed.

We opted for a fabulous traditionally framed multi-aperture together with two smaller individual square frames.

This stunning statement piece measured just over 40inches long and truly was a piece to be treasured.

As a thank you we included a beautiful keepsake book of all the images in the gallery.

For more information on our products visit this page PRODUCTS or to find out more about having your own dogs portraits taken visit our PHOTOSHOOTS page

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