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Quick catch up with Januarys Image of the Month Competition results from The Guild of Photographers.

I am looking to concentrate on two categories this year, Open, for my 'dogs at work' and Pets for the continuing Studio work.

Three bronzes in the Open category with the Springer taking a High Bronze, just a couple of points of a Silver and a lovely sneaky and unexpected silver for Flossie in the Pets category.

Interestingly the silver is a very different feel to my normal style, both in lighting and background - may be time to go and mix it up in the studio for a while.

The February results are due out on 21st of March, so fingers crossed we can keep the momentum going.

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lesley towse
lesley towse
12 mars 2021

Great set of photo's. I love to see what you are doing. Hope to get some tuition in this year.

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