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Back in the summer I took the Hayloft on Tour to The National Gundog Competition. Instead of wandering around taking shots of the competitors, I set up a pitch, next to the lovely ladies from The Blue Barn, and captured more studio style shots of the the dogs and sometimes their handlers.

A little later on Steph from the Blue Barn asked if I would like to bring the Hayloft to her "Rabbit Shed" and do the same kind of thing.

So on a very very cold Saturday at the beginning of November, I headed of to Leeds with the very lovely Pandora Maund (Pandora Images) as my willing and extremely over qualified assistant, squeaker, video maker and all round good friend.

We had a fabulous response, 30 minute slots booked from 10 til 3.30 on Saturday and 11 - 2.30 on Sunday - booked out and everyone arrived !!!

What an amazing experience. We met some fabulous dogs and their owners, all with their own unique stories.

"Norah, Close your Mouth" ... Oh my goodness and she did !!!.. That is one command I could definitely do with at home !!!!


ELLA - the very very happy Golden Retriever - "girls just wanna have fun ...."

So we did !!!!


And then the "Pointer Sisters" arrived. Two beautiful mature English Pointers. My heart flipped, my shutter button finger became agitated. I have long wanted to "shoot" English Pointers, and these girls really did not disappoint.

In fact they ended my year for me on a huge high when I was awarded a Gold Merit from the National Photographers Society in their December competition.

Hopefully we will be back at the Blue Barn next Spring / Summer time so watch out on their website ...

Or if you would like to book a private photoshoot at the Hayloft then give me a call, and we can chat through all the details.

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