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From Summer to Autumn...

.... and so from Grouse to Partridge and on to Pheasant.

The Grouse season arrived upon us as the heather sprung into bloom and the moors looked truly stunning and although the first day saw us all donning waterproofs, for what seemed like the first time in an age, they were soon stowed safely back in the truck and the summer commenced once again.

Lots has been going on here at Workingline, a local moor has recently changed ownership and I have been extremely privileged to have covered this seasons shoot days.

A number of trips to North Yorkshire and more to come and in between times a raft of commission sessions in the barn, and mentoring sessions a plenty.

Workingline fledged in 2012 and the past five years have been an incredible journey, not always easy but always worth it and we are excited with what the future holds.

Lots of new clients, new dogs, new adventures, an amazing range of new products all now proudly on display and new sessions to come.

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