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There are times when it's great to disappear into the studio and practice lighting set ups, now layouts for props or just to remind the models on what they need to do.

One Saturday afternoon during lockdown, I did just that, slightly different lighting a large bag of treats, and I had the crew in one by one.

There was no real idea in mind, just itchy fingers to be shooting again, and so the images sat for a good few weeks in my " to do " file.

Then I was reviewing the Flossie pictures and I looked at the Dottie picture and was comparing the two and then Cleggy - they all sat quite happily together, as a family unit but it felt oddly unbalanced.

The fourth member of the Rhapsody is Hildy - bottom centre. Now Hildy despises having her picture taken - her nickname at home is "Fat Frog" , she has the ability to sink her chin into her chest and look like a frog - such a shame as she is pretty little cocker. But that Saturday she came up trumps, one shot, but that is all that was needed, and it finished the Rhapsody perfectly. She even has the hint of "Freddie" about her.

Just remember " Any way the wind blows...."

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