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"Be Like Jill's" 1-2-1 Workshop

Today was a 1-2-1 Dog Photography training workshop.

Jill booked her training day before Christmas and was looking to improve her natural light and outdoor action shots of dogs.

With the weather having been so bad recently, my normal outdoor "shooting" areas are under water or under mud. Jill had mentioned she would also like to shoot a black dog - in the rain and the general winter gloom !!

Plan C it was then !!.

Kes, my young black labrador, was loaded up and we headed of on a "dog walk".

Jill has a couple of labradors of her own and wanted to be able to take better shots when out walking, so what better way to learn.

We had an absolutely amazing time - some lovely "lightbulb moments", some laying in the mud, a whole lot of talking and good deal of laughing.

If learning can't be fun ......

(P.S - for those booked to come for a day / workshop read the notes, waterproofs, boots and a sense of humour are a must - Be Like Jill !!!)

For more information on our Bespoke 1-2-1 Training day or our group workshops please check out the website here.

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