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5am - the new 6am !!

This is what 5am looks like to me .....

... and for those of you that don't use your iphone as your alarm, this is the light they emit when they switch themselves on to wake you up.

And if it's not the alarm it will be one or other of the canine variety that is requiring "immediate i can't wait any longer you have to get out of bed now else it's gonna be bad" attention just for them to look at you with that "JUST CHECKING" flick of the tail before they do 3 round turns and go back to sleep.

And did the canine crew understand that the clocks went back - not a chance so 6am became 5am and dinner (as long as you are from anywhere else other than Barnsley - otherwise 'tea') is now demanded at 3pm - or do they just have me so tightly wound round their furry paws that I am a slave to their whims.

So we have entered the dark phase - those dark mornings, you know the ones where you try and avoid the leaves in case of lurking "bombs" .. where we all wear head torches to make sure everyone is present and correct, where your hands are cold and your nose runs from feeding the kennel dogs breakfast and where the inside dogs (the oldies and the youngies), wait with your steadily growing cold cup of tea, for you to sort them out.

But the dark mornings do also offer some benefit. I don't take my crew out until it's light. So it gives me a couple of hours in the morning - unless I am shooting on location - to catch up with editing and all the other boringness that goes into running a business.

This mornings "dark time" job was to pull together 20 images for a current project - this was a good reason to have a look back at some of the galleries from the last couple of years.

So in the run up to the silly season, I thought I would share one of my favourites each day ...

Todays Image : COOPER & LOLA having a great time out on the moor.

Do you have a favourite image that we have taken of your dog, then why not share it with us.

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